Suzanne Oswald

Studio 6

Art- Etched Glass and Up-cycled handbags         also on Facebook and Pinterest as oswaldesigns

Bio- Growing up the daughter of a Marine, our family moved frequently, including 2 years in Denmark, during much of my childhood. My first artistic memories were of my mother entertaining me by drawing while we waited in a large room to be seen by a military base doctor. Throughout public schools m favorite classes were in the arts. When we finally settled in Pennsylvania my mother enrolled me in painting classes with a local college professor and the serious study of the arts began.

During my college education I met teachers who became the major influences in my artistic life. They exemplified the passion, work ethic, and knowledge that have been the credo of my own work. For over 34 years I taught high school art and now work full time in my art studio.

Artist Statement- When first introduced to etched glass by Robert Blanchard, I was fascinated by the possibilities of the process and the beauty of the effects on light as it played with the etched surface, particularly on clear glass. After more than 11 years of working in the medium, there are still areas to explore and discover. Re-purpose, re-use, up-cycle, I strive to find glass that has been cast aside. Many of my pieces are unique and cannot be replicated. I find glass in flea markets, yard sales, antique malls and second hand shops. I see the glass as a “canvas”. The design has to become an integral part of the form and not an ornament to the surface. When the two mesh it becomes a transformative marriage. Art is a journey of constant learning.


  1. Art Education- Kutztown University, Penland School of Craft, Peter’s Valley School of Craft, Snow Farm New England Craft Program, Masters classes KU, University of the Arts, Art Institute Pittsburg, Antonelli Institute, Baum School of Art, Goggleworks Center for the Arts