November 10 & 11, 2018 – Sat: 9-5, Sun: 9-4

Discover Your Own Treasures on Our Tour

This year marks our 24th year of the Hidden Treasures tour.  As always, you will find your favorite artists with their latest creations along with exciting additions from our new artists. We invite you to join us for this unique shopping experience where you travel to various artist studios and buy directly from the artisans who created the items themselves.  Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, talk to the artists and learn how their pieces are created. You set the pace, visit all of the studios or just the ones that interest you most.

We look forward to seeing you and hope that you are able to find your “hidden treasure.”

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Enjoy Traveling to Our Studios

Studio 1

Center Valley

Studio 5


Studio 2


Studio 6


Studio 3


Studio 7


Studio 4


Studio 8