Linda Kondikoff

Studio 3

I’ve taught art for over 35 years in the public school system, at workshops and in private classes. Currently I am creating mixed media pieces using recycled materials and found objects. Collecting piles of unusual “stuff” is half the fun!

A lot of different materials have passed through my hands over the years. I tend to prefer the organic to the synthetic. Recycled silk saris, vintage linen suits and other interesting fabrics find their way into my jewelry and, recently, my hand-sewn, hand-painted stuffed forms.

Art is everywhere. I try to live it on a day to day basis and so find inspiration in countless places. Nature inspires me most of all…gardens, woods, animals and people. So do words and phrases, books and poetry. Dance, ethnic crafts and traveling always motivate me to create. The trees in my bonsai collection and my cats often serve as subject matter for my artwork. Asian art and philosophy have had a strong influence on me as well.

My love for making soap makes me think I must have been a pioneer woman in a former life! In soap making you can blend color, texture and scent in a personal way; thus elevating an everyday necessity. Just one more way art can brighten the mundane! Good artisan soap involves all the senses except, of course, taste, though some bars (like pumpkin pie spice, lemon verbena, pineapple) smell good enough to eat!

I constantly appreciate how everything—science, math, history, current events, literature, life—informs ART and Art informs US!

Mixed media jewelry