Svetlana Howells

Studio 4

Svetlana Howells has been creating one of a kind art jewelry for 28 years. She has a BA in Art History, but jewelry making has become her passion; that and Argentine Tango, which is more of an obsession, but has clearly influenced her work in the past 10 years. Drawing inspiration from Nature, Garden elements, Asian themes and Dance, Svetlana fabricates sculptural, organic jewelry in sterling silver. The final product presents complex surface textures with particular attention to design balance and movement . Her own conceptual approach, combining geometric lines with unexpected soft floral elements, creates surprising and bold statements for the lucky woman wearing her designs. All pieces are handcrafted entirely by Svetlana from conception to final execution.

She lives in Allentown, PA with her boyfriend Eugene Moyer and cat Ochi.

She wrote the following a long time ago about her work and it is still true today.

“When I work with metal, I am reminded of that wonderful feeling I get when I first play in my garden in the Spring….. I begin a piece by just looking at the raw material before me and imagining how I can manipulate it. I think about things in nature that have recently delighted me and how to translate them into an adornment I would wear. Sometimes it’s an interesting leaf shape, tears of dew on the pine needles or a sweeping branch of the Japanese maple……as I find my source of inspiration, I feel my heart race with excitement at the prospect of an idea becoming a tangible object. Working feverishly, impatient to see the results, I am filled with a sense of amazement that I can do this with my own hands.”

I feel the jewelry I create has elegance, ingenuity, timelessness and heart. I hope that to wear it is to feel the sense of imagination and pride with which it was created.