Johanna Forte

Studio 5

I was lucky enough to have had a 30 year dream career as a full-time costume designer. During those years I discovered how much I loved to research historical time periods. I was captivated by the way people of the past lived and dressed. I have taken this passion and created serviceable items for the modern woman. Visit Studio 5 and share a bit of history with me.

The aprons seen here are constructed from vintage fabrics from the 1920’s thur the1960’s. Each apron is cut from a vintage pattern taken from the same year as the fabric used. If the fabric allows, a pot holder will accompany the apron. Sometimes there is enough fabric to also construct a children’s version of the apron. All aprons are machine washable and can be tumbled dried on a low setting.

These knitted headbands were inspired by headwear found in the 1920’s. In the early 20th century, wide headbands known as “headache bands” were very popular accessories in women’s fashion. Their name results from the belief that the tight pressure they provided around the forehead would relieve or prevent headaches. OK, so my version won’t prevent a headache, but they are cute and embellished with center decorations reminiscent of the spirit of the 1920’s.

Men, women and children spent the 19th century in transit, moving around the United States in search of fresh land, fresh food and fresh opportunities to establish their namesake in this great country. The carpetbag was invented by local dry goods stores (think Target for pioneers) for traveling families to have a practical piece of luggage for which to carry all of their possessions.

My version of this carpetbag is constructed from durable tapestry fabrics with substantial handles and fully lined in a coordinating color. Available in three sizes: medium, large and extra large in a variety of colors. The large and extra large models hold enough for a weekend get-away and easily fit under any airplane seat.