Colleen Greene

Studio 7

Artisan-crafted fused glass designs

I have been enamored with art since childhood – drawing, painting, photography – but have found that working with glass allows me to combine my skills and passion to create functional and decorative fused glass art. Over the past 10 years, I have discovered many new techniques to elicit great beauty from the glass. I love the reflectiveness and the play of light in and around each piece.

I enjoy challenging myself to create one-of-a-kind pieces. The process of glass fusion, in particular, amazes me in that you can take mere shards of transparent, opaque, iridescent, dichroic and colored glass, cut them in various shapes and sizes, layer them, and fire them in a kiln to create amazing effects. The transformation from individual pieces of glass to the finished product is incredible.

I’m inspired at every turn, by the seasons, colors andtextures. Attimes, it feels like the glass itself is telling me what to do.Sometimes I want to be precise and create an intricate geometric design, or one with real visual impact using bright and bold colors. Other times, I want a more free-flowing effect, which can be achieved by using delicate, soothing colors and techniques. The end result may be elegant, contemporary, bold or even whimsical.

My hope is that my creations speak to you on a personal level, whether you give them to someone special as a gift or use them to brighten your own life.