Ken & Sue Berkenstock

Studio 1

Ken and Sue have been creating art pieces in glass for a combined 65+ years.  Ken was originally a self-taught stained glass artist/electrician; Sue, an art teacher.  Focusing on the media that they love has been the dream of the retired duo.  Their creative process truly is collaborative, with continual working communication and tag-teaming of projects.  ……Creative Yin and Yang.

Their works are displayed in many of the homes and businesses in and beyond the Lehigh Valley.  Within the last several years, they have had the opportunity to take classes in stained glass, mosaics, fusing and enameling and have begun to incorporate these techniques into their work.

Nature, geometry, pattern; contrast, color and light are all inspiring for Ken and Sue.  Glass and tile are the media that give their inspiration tangible form.  Years of experimentation and practice have shaped their ever-evolving style.  Idea translates into sketch, sketch transforms into working pattern.  Cutters and grinders shape the pieces.  Colors and textures settle into their places.  Foil and solder, glue and grout solidify our statements into reality.  Fragments of color, light and pattern for your eye to dance across, dream within and focus upon.  Completion!  Feeling surreal and miraculous, what was once our mind’s eye vision, is now held in our hands- each piece delighted in and wondered over as it is finished.  The creative process is a powerfully moving experience.

We hope you can feel the passion in our work!