Roy and Krisann Bachert

Studio 6

From pottery, airbrushing, painting, and to pencil drawings, Roy Bachert has always had his hand in some form of art. In 1996, he reluctantly took a required ceramics class while seeking an art education degree. He was “hooked”. Roy continued his formal pottery education for several years while working full time and raising his two girls with his wife, Krisann.

In 2004, Roy and Krisann’s love for the craft brought them to branch out and show their talent to the public through local craft and art shows.

Roy and Krisann are members of the Lehigh Valley Chapter of the PA Guild of Craftsmen since 2004 – 2010 and joined the Reading Berks Chapter of PA Guild of Craftsmen in 2011. The couple were active members of Artisan Touch, the Valley’s artist’s co-op, from 2004-2007. The Bachert’s are active with the Lehigh Valley Potter’s Exchange which is a community of local potters who gather regularly to attend learning seminars and share knowledge of the craft with each other. In 2009, the Bachert Studio was added to the 15th Annual Hidden Treasures that allows the public to see local artists in their own working environment.

Krisann adds her unique styling through creative, whimsical carvings and etchings to many of Roy’s pots. Together, the Bachert’s constantly challenge their talent through larger sized pieces, diversity in glazes and unique techniques that keep their work truly their own.

Pottery by Bachert specialize in unique & functional hand thrown stoneware & horsehair pottery.

Works includes bowls, vases, hand carved candle votives, larger serving pieces and our signature mugs.

Pottery by Bachert is a husband and wife team that has been creating unique hand thrown pottery since 1997.Two types of pottery are created to appeal to a wide variety of tastes.

Horsehair Pottery

  • Wheel thrown by Roy Bachert using a specially formulated clay body that is made by the Bachert’s to survive the thermal shock that these pots experience.
  • Carefully Burnished – a technique used to create smooth finish
  • Each Piece Individually Fired in a Gas Kiln
  • Horsehair, leaves, feathers, etc. are burned/singed on pot immediately from kiln
  • Each pot is truly one-of-a-kind.
  • This pottery is non-functional.

Functional Stoneware

  • Stoneware is thrown by Roy Bachert
  • Krisann adds her unique styling through creative, whimsical carvings and organic etchings to Roy’s pots.
  • Dragonflies, flowers, and celestial motifs are most popular.
  • Each piece is bisque fired then glaze fired using our unique glaze recipes in an electric kiln.
  • This pottery is beautiful while being functional.

Thanks, Krisann
Pottery by Bachert
Roy & Krisann Bachert
Unique & Functional Pottery