Nancy Napolitano

Studio 7

Glass Fusing

Simply stated, Glass Fusing is a unique and creative way to combine multiple layers of glass into one cohesive design. Glass colors are carefully chosen, cut, and layered, then melted together in a kiln. This process often requires several cutting sessions and firings. Once the final sheet is created, it is once again placed in a kiln and heated to shape the final design, then polished and cold worked, if desired.

About the Artist

Nancy has being dabbling in the arts since Junior High School, when her mother taught her needlepoint. She continued with the arts taking classes in tole painting and wood working progressing to stained glass. She found her calling with glass fusing in 2007. She is self taught and enjoys the colors and complex designs you can create in glass medium.


Our Glass Designs may be used for decoration or as a creative and fun way to serve food, or display your favorite collections. As with any glass, do not subject the glass piece to extreme temperature changes. The glass piece is food safe, and may be hand washed and hand dried. Do not place a glass design in a microwave, oven, or dishwasher.