Kim Monteverde

Studio 2

Ever since I can remember I enjoyed making things. I have worked through many different mediums.  Ask my Mom.  She has quite a collection from when I was a child. Sometime back in the eighties I had the desire to learn how one throws a pot on a wheel.  This led to hours, days and weeks at the Baum School of Art learning how to center a form on the wheel. I was hooked on clay from the start.  My knowledge continued to expand through interaction with various regional artists. Now throwing pots offers so many avenues to be creative with endless techniques to learn that could and will keep me occupied for the rest of my life.

Most of my pieces begin as stoneware thrown on a wheel.    I, then alter the original rounded, symmetrical shape in some fashion.  Some designs on my pots are made by rolling a hand carved bead into the clay while still pliable.  Other pieces are hand-built inspired by nature.   Generally my pieces are functional pots that I hope are being happily used in some way.

To keep ideas fresh I enjoy trying various different firing methods with various clay bodies.  In the past few years I have enjoyed making lower fired pots, initially burnished and placed in a saggar firing yielding a unique pattern of earthy colors.

Making pots is how I express my creativity.  It is a learning process that I hope to continue for the rest of my life.


Kim Monteverde