Jim Fazio

Studio 1

I’m an artistic woodturner that specializes in the making of hollow forms, shapes that are hollowed through a small opening. My business is a sole proprietorship and  I have no production assistants. All this work is individually handcrafted by me through the use of a wood lathe.

‘“Unveiling natures’s beauty through woodturning” has been my theme. This theme best describes what happens when I turn. God creates, I unveil. Most often my hollow forms and bowls are made from one solid piece of wood allowing me to best create or “unveil” natures inherent beauties.

When most of us look at a tree we see the external appearance and rarely think that within may contain a special treasure. I have a passion of creating forms from this hidden beauty. Many of my works start from an externally unsightly or bizarre wood  section before being transformed to what you see on this page. Experience has led me to believe that possible unseen treasure lies beneath the surface and often the “ugly ones” hide the greatest treasures!

Hopefully, one or more of these turned treasures will make it into your home.

Jim Fazio – Studio 1